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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Thursday 11th February 2021

Morning everyone,

Please find your work for today below in the timetable. I am really loving seeing how your games is scratch are coming along. Well done :)

I have 2 separate lessons for the maths today for green and orange/red and so you will need to think about your learning from yesterday and where you will be going today. You might want to start on green and then work your way through the challenges. 

I hope you have a lovely day!

Miss McCann

Please email your fantastic work to





Choose the green lesson challenge if you feel you need to continue to develop your learning on area of rectangles and squares. If you worked well on the orange/red challenges yesterday then complete this tutorial and lesson today.

(Green challenge) L.O- To compare area of rectangles and squares

Success criteria

1. I can calculate the area of rectangles and squares

2. I can record the area of a shape using the appropriate unit of measurement

3. I can compare areas using the greater than and less than symbol

Watch the video tutorial to recap how to find the area of shapes and then begin to compare them. You can then have a go at the green challenge.




(Orange and Red challenge) L.O- To understand how to find shapes with the same area but different perimeters

 Success criteria

1. I can identify the lengths of sides for a specific area

2. I can calculate the perimeter of a square or rectangle

3. I can organise my results to ensure I have found all possible solutions

Watch my video tutorial for how to identify the width and length of squares a rectangles for a given area then tackle the challenges



Orange- Identify the length and width of shapes with a given area and calculate their perimeter

Red- Identify the length and width of shapes with a given area and calculate their perimeter. This includes decimals.

Extension: Using knowledge of a given area to calculate the cost of fencing for a smaller area


Catch-up zoom

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on zoom. This is a chance for you to see all of your friends and ask any questions about today’s learning. The link for the zoom will have been sent to your parent’s email. Can you please make sure you log in with your name so I know who I am letting into the zoom.

10:15- 10:30

TT rockstars

TT Rockstars – 2 studio sessions and 2 sound checks before you go onto garage. Don’t forget you can challenge me and I will be challenging you too!



11:00- 12:30

English- Guided reading and writing with geography

L.O: I can show my understanding of Ernest Shackleton’s polar expedition on endurance (show: applying)

Success criteria:

  1. I can show the conditions Ernest Shackleton and his team faced
  2. I can explain what happened
  3. I can include facts and opinion about the expedition


Today you are going to learn about Ernest Shackleton and his polar expedition on his ship Endurance.

 Read/listen to the text ‘The Stunning Survival Story of Ernest Shackleton and His Endurance Crew text



Our reading focus is summarising 



Answer the following questions:

  • “She’s going, boys,” came the cry. “It’s time to get off.” Why does the author put this quote at the beginning of the text?
  • Summarise the section ‘Survival on an Ice Floe’ in your own words.
  • How do you know there was little chance of them being found? Use the text to support your answer.
  • The title is called ‘The Stunning Survival Story…’Do you agree that it was a ‘stunning survival story’? Use evidence from the text to support your arguments.


Watch the two video clips on Ernest Shackleton to help you gain a deeper understanding of what happened.







Main task: Imagine you were a crew member on Endurance, write the events and what has happened to you in a diary entry. You can split this into several entries if you would like to.

Remember to:

  • Read the checklist and use it as a guide for your writing
  • Aim for a page of quality writing, you can type your letter if you prefer
  • Write your evaluative comment linked to the success criteria






Story time






LO- To understand how to use effects

Success criteria

1. I can add sounds as a consequence of an action

2. I can program consequences for specific actions


Open the maze game that you created in yesterday’s session. If you cannot find it, quickly recreate this if you can.

Now watch my tutorial to understand how to extra effects. You can watch the tutorial the whole way through or pause when suggested and work alongside the video.




I have added the coding used for the game as a resource to download if you need some extra help.


1. Add a sound for when the sprite touches an obstacle, moves to the next level and reaches the exit

2. Programme the sprite to return to the start of the game if it touches the obstacle.

Extension: Research how to add a new effect. Think about something you would like to do to make your game even better and add this in. You can work out how to do this yourself through experimenting with the different code or you can watch YouTube tutorials for how to do this.

2:40- 3:05

IDL numeracy or Lexia- 

If you usually do this at the end of the day can you please spend this time completing it.  


If you don’t usually complete IDL or Lexia at the end of the day I have a spelling lesson for you looking at homophones.



Story time

We are now on chapter 33!




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