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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Thursday 11th June




Exercise-Please do the live online Joe Wicks workout (on you-tube) or an exercise of your choice.



Measurement – Area - Lesson 1

LO: To be able to find the area of a rectangle/square on grid paper.

SC1. I can consider what we mean when asked to find the area of a 2D shape.

SC2. I can identify area on a 2D shape.

SC3. I can consider strategies for calculating area.

SC4. I can use grids on a shape to calculate area.

Today, we are going to start to look at the area of a 2D shape. We are going to focus on squares and rectangles and use grid paper to help use visualise how to calculate the area.

To help you with your learning I have put together a PowerPoint and a two videos for you to watch.

In this first video only watch up to the first 4 minutes and 12 seconds.






You will find questions at the bottom of today’s page and there are also some fun activities as well.


See the source image
Mental Maths Challenge

Each day this week I would like you to challenge yourself to a mental maths test.   If you login to the Topmarks website you will find the Daily 10. You can choose the mental maths task of your choice but you must try the same tasks each day. Your aim is get quicker and get as many questions right as possible. You will find instructions on the website:

Daily 10

Please note that you won't need Flash Player for this game.

10:30 -10:50

Break time/snack time


English – ‘The House with the Chicken Legs’ 

L.O. I can explore a theme from the text. 

Success Criteria 

  1. I can present my ideas in a clear way. 

  1. I can select and use appropriate vocabulary. 

  1. I can research and make notes to support my writing 



In The House with Chicken Legs; food, music and clothing are often used to create a sense of culture. Here is a link to some Russian Baba Yaga music so you can be inspired... 



What types of food, music and clothing do you associate with your culture? Please discuss with others, Research and then create a mind map or table to present your ideas. 

12:00- 1:00


1:00- 2:30

Challenge 9

LO: To create a game

SC1. I can explain my strategy for making my chosen game.

SC2. I can use my resources to make my chosen game.

SC3. I can consider how I will explain the rules of my game.

SC4. I can reflect upon the success of what I have created.

Create your game:

Today, I want you to create your game using the items from around your home. You probably won’t find exactly the same things that were originally used when the game was first played so you will need to improvise.

For my game I chose the Egyptian game of Senet. I have included some photos of how I recreated the game using what I had around the house (see images attached below).

Once completed, I would like you to reflect on how well you did when creating you game. You wil need to consider if you can make improvements and are what would you have done differently if you did this again. 




Story time

Listen to and enjoy the story.




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