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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Thursday 18th June

Good morning!  


We will allot time on Friday for completing the challenge outcome. Throughout the week, we will be participating in learning which should help us when we get to the outcome day. We are aspiring, persevering, reflective learners, so we will be doing some work in our reflective journal throughout the week. To make sure you know which lessons are linked to our weekly challenge, we will mark the lesson with a  and AYOC to show it is part of The year of change activities.  


Please send us your work from the previous learning if you haven’t done so already. Have a good day! 





Wake up Shake up – please use this time to exercise.  

There are lots of different options, here are a few you could choose from: 

Joe Wicks - 

Cosmic yoga -  

Just dance -  

You could use this time to take a walk/bike ride as your daily exercise.  



Your child should start their phonics session by watching a video which introduces a new sound. The video can be found here:  

If the link doesn't work try clicking on this link and then click on either the YouTube link or the Facebook link on the first line.  

The videos are only streamed at certain times of the day and are set depending. The times are:  

  • Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30am  

  • Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00am  

  • Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30am  

(It may be better to do mental maths and problem solving first and come back to phonics, if your video is at a later time) 

In terms of the reading section of the phonics lesson, Oxford Owl are making all the phonics books available online as ebooks. Here is the link  

Once you’ve clicked on the link then click on ebooks and then you need to register but it is completely free. Once registered you can then open all the ebooks and choose the correct banded level for your child.  

This means you do not need to look at the RWI books on the school website and we will not be adding any further books there.   

Guided reading:  

If your child is not in a phonics group and instead does guided reading, please find newly uploaded texts on the Butterflies home learning page here:, please find today’s timetable and the text will be there.  



10:30 – 11:00 


11:00 – 12:00 
























Beginning (2 sentences) 


Maybe include a question. 


Middle (4 points) 

Put in some facts. 


What has changed since lockdown? 



Agree that things won’t stay exactly the same. 

What can they do? 


End (2 or 3 sentences) 





English/Speech writing AYOC  

LO: to write my speech 

SC1: I can say my point of view  

SC2: I can justify a reason 

SC3: I can share my point of view and back it up with a reason 

Now we have a plan and have learnt some key information we could use in our speech it’s time to start writing it. Gather all the facts you want to include before you start.The beginning should be brief and capture the attention of the audience. It needs to establish the subject and purpose of the speech. We need to add your personality and make it unique, as many others may be talking about the same topic. Look back at your plan. What did you pick? Environment or community?  

The underlined sections are parts which you can use at the beginning of your section or sentence. Below is a model text for you to look at and use: 

Our planet is warming more and more every day, but we can make a positive change to help this terrible situation. Did you know that the gases seeping into our atmosphere has driven up global temperatures by just over 1C? 


Our oceans are rising and threatening our coastlines, glaciers have shrunk, ice on rivers and lakes is breaking up earlier, plant and animal ranges have shifted and trees are flowering sooner.  


But there is still hope! While we have been locked in our homes to keep us safe, the planet has been healing itself. As we all know, the main causes of climate change are from releasing harmful gases into the air from cars, planes and burning fossil fuels to make electricity. People have been making the choice to cycle, walk and generally stay close to home and because of this, Nasa have reported a 30% drop in air pollution. Full lockdowns have also pushed global electricity demand down by 20% and in Europe the number of flights is down by 90%. 


Although it is unattainable for us to stop using planes and cars completely after lockdown, we can keep it to a minimum by cycling or walking.  


You can continue to make small changes at home that make a huge difference. It’s simple! You can recycle as much as you can to reduce wastage, turn off electricity when you are finished with it and think about eating and getting your food from a local source.  


Although coronavirus has been a difficult time, we have seen huge environment changes, such as reduction in air pollution. You can make a change, you can make a difference. Recycle now and help make a better future, one day at a time. 


Below are some sentence openers to help to make your speech even more interesting.  



Challenge: can you include exclamation marks or questions? 

Key vocabulary: examples, paragraphs, statements, punctuation, key points, powerful. 

12:00- 1:15 



Calm time 

Use this time to relax, talk to another person in your house, read a book, draw a picture.   

1:30- 2:45 

Maths – recap number 4 

LO: to represent a number using the cherry model. 

SC1: I can find number bonds to 6 

SC2: I can solve word problems using number bonds 

SC3: I can identify the two parts and the whole. 

The video will lead all the way through the lesson: 


Today we will be looking at the number six and answering some word questions on it. I want you to find some objects that can represent 6. 6 counters, conkers, pencils etc. Then I would like you to record on paper the different ways you can make the number 6.