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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Thursday 4th June

Hello Class 4,

Great job so far with all your puppets. 

I am looking forward to seeing your performances. 

Time Lesson
9-9.30 PE
9.30-10.30 Maths
10.30-11 Break
11-12.15 English
12.15-1.15 Lunch
1.15-1.45 Choosing Time
1.45-2 Break
2-3 DT
3-3.15 Story Time


Today we will be focusing on long distance running. What can you do to make yourself faster?


L.O. To be able to solve equations 

SC1. I can solve equations by balancing them.

SC2. I can form and solve equations 



Remember if you get stuck, go on to ttrockstars, IDL or mymaths. 



Good job on the start of your scripts; today we need to finish them.

Please remember to use your original story plan to keep on track and make sure you are including the following things.

-Names in the margin

-Stage directions of where the puppets are moving to (stage left/right/up/down etc. sheet attached to help)

-Stage directions of how something is said

- Stage directions are written in the present tense

-Structure your play by using scenes and/or acts.

-Punctuation effectively to express how a character is speaking. 


Choosing Time

Spend some time on what you decided to become an expert in, or start your DT early so you can spend more time on it. 


Today I would like you to make your other characters. Remember you need to have at least two characters for your play.


Story Time




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