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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Thursday 4th June 2020




Joe Wicks virtual PE – bodycoachtv on

9:30 – 9:50

If you are a Lexia person you must complete Lexia during this time instead of guided reading.

Those of you doing the guided reading, there are questions related specifically to understanding the text and there is a n activity based around a SPaG focus. Try to complete both if you can but if you run out of time do not worry. Where the questions are about the text, there is the letter AF and a number at the end. This just identifies which reading skill is being focussed on and is nothing for you to worry about. The answers are at the bottom of the sheet so that you can mark your work.


LO: I can find and draw lines of symmetry in a range of 2D shapes.

SC1: I can find reflective symmetry by folding 2D shapes.

SC2: I can draw lines of symmetry on 2D shapes.

SC3: I can recognise lines of symmetry in 2D shapes presented in different positions.

SC4: I can complete symmetry in 2D shapes presented in different positions.

True or False Symmetry? Looking at the images on the Lesson Presentation, decide whether the shapes do or do not show an accurate line of symmetry.

Symmetry: Revise that symmetry is where a line shows an identical reflected image on each side. This line can be shown in any orientation and an object can have more than one line of symmetry.

Symmetry in 2D Shapes: Using the Cut and Fold 2D Shapes Activity Sheet, cut out and fold the given shapes to investigate if they have any lines of symmetry.

2D Shape Symmetry Activity - Choose your challenge. 1 star is the easiest and 3 star is the hardest. If you choose a challenge and it is too hard, don’t finish it, swap to an easier one. Similarly, if you choose one that is too easy, swap to a harder one. Think about which star challenge I normally give you at school.

If you finish this and you want an extension, I have added one but do not spend ages doing this. Only do the extension is you have time. This will really work on your justification and reasoning which is a very important part of your maths curriculum. Year 4 you should definitely give this a go if you have time.

Symmetry Quiz: work through the quiz on the Lesson Presentation, answering multiple choice questions about symmetry to consolidate learning.


Break time/snack time

11:00 – 11:45

LO: to write a puppet story

SC1: I can use interesting language to build a picture

SC2: I can include time connectives and fronted adverbials to move the story along

SC3: I can keep the story interesting but also an appropriate length

I want you to start by reading over your story plan. Make sure you are really sure in your head of how your story goes as your will be doing an oral story telling when it comes to the puppet show. Check it makes sense and you know how each part of the story plays out. Once you are sure I want you to start writing. Things to remember:

New paragraph when you change place or time in the story

Interesting story language – we want to keep people interested

Use specific fronted adverbials and time connectives to move the story on

Finally, we want this story to be interesting but not too long. Due to the fact that you are going to be retelling this story as you do your puppet show, you need to be able to remember the parts.

Before you finish the lesson, make sure you re-read your text and make any improvements. Try not to use the same language more than once to avoid repetition, see if you can up-level your vocabulary to create the best piece of writing you can and check your spelling and punctuation to help you when you are reading the story tomorrow.

11:45- 12:15


Make sure you do at least one sound check and one studio session. Try to get as many right as you can in the fastest time possible. Remember you want to be aiming for less than 6 seconds to answer a question correctly.

12:15- 1:15


1:15- 2:00

LO: to make shadow puppets

Your task this afternoon is to make the puppets for your puppet show. If you are struggling, look back at the videos from yesterday which gave you suggestions on how to do this. This website will also help you:

Make sure you look back at the list of props you needed to make sure you have made everything you need.

2:00- 2:30

Exercise – e.g. mindfulness yoga, fresh air in the garden, run up and down the stairs seeing if you can get faster every time!


Use this time to finish the puppets you were working on earlier.

If you finish, have a practise of how you are going to use the puppets tomorrow.

3:00 – 3:15

Federation Story Time – The Ice Monster


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