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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Thursday 4th March 2021




Guided reading (page 12-17) This is a SHOULD task.

LO: to deduce, infer or interpret information, events or ideas from texts

SC1: I can interpret a characters feelings from the information in the text

SC2: I can use visual cues to infer why a character feels or acts in a certain way

SC3: I can deduce information from the information I have in the text



1. What is the purpose of so many pictures?

2. What do phrases such as, ‘And for stone’s sake, PLAY! Don’t just THINK!’ say about Ug’s mum?

3. Why are words in bold used so often when Ug’s mum speaks?

9:30 – 10.30

Maths – This is a PRIORITY lesson

LO: to solve word problems involving volume and capacity

SC1: I can break a question down into smaller steps

SC2: I can use specific vocabulary to inform me of the type of maths I need to use

SC3: I can, where necessary, convert from one unit of measure to another


Watch the tutorial to remind you how to approach and solve word problems.

Have a go at pausing the video and trying to work out the different variations.




Complete word problem – 3 differentiated levels

Green Chillies – watch the tutorial for some additional support




If you feel like solving some more problems, have look at this silly capacity cartoon:


Capacity word problems green chilli

Capacity word problems orange chilli

Capacity word problems red chilli

example word problems 


Break time/snack time

Exercise – e.g. mindfulness yoga, fresh air in the garden, run up and down the stairs seeing if you can get faster every time!

You need to keep your body active so that your brain can keep active too.


11:00 – 12.00

English – This is a PRIORITY lesson

LO: to edit and improve my comic strip/ graphic novel

SC1: I can check my writing for spelling and grammar corrections

SC2: I can improve any illustrations/ layout features

TASK 1: Today is the day to start the final version of your comic strip – you are going to need to think carefully about putting together all the elements you have been working on this week (layout, story, script).

Watch the tutorial to get you started…



TASK 2: Once you have finished, you are going to need to ensure your comic strip is of the best possible quality and has been checked for spelling and grammar errors. You will also need to add any additional features you would like to ensure your strip is of a really high standard, just like in the real book! Are you going to go over any text in pen once it’s been checked? Do you need to colour any backgrounds?

12:00- 1:00


1.00 – 1.15

Outdoor Learning:




1:15- 2.15

Afternoon Challenges! – These are ‘could lessons’. If you can do them – great, if not, do not worry.



You can either choose one of the larger projects and do it over the week or you can do a different challenge every day. Let me know how you get on! The information about how to go about this is attached at the bottom of the webpage.

2.15 – 2.30




Find the sheet to make your guesses below!!

2:30 – 3.00

TT Rockstars – 2 studio sessions and 2 sound checks before you go onto garage. Don’t forget you can challenge me and I will be challenging you too!

If you are a Lexia pupil, please use this time to complete your Lexia for the day. I will be checking and sending out certificates as you achieve them.

3.00 – 3.15

Story Time

We have 2 stories that class members have written and recorded. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!








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