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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Tuesday 16th June

Timetable Tuesday 16th June




9:00 – 9:30

Exercise with Joe Wicks

9:30 – 10:00

Guided Reading / Lexia


If you are a Lexia person, please continue with your learning on Lexia.

If you are a guided reading person, find the attachment at the bottom of the page.



Guided Reading

If you are a Lexia student please make sure you have done this instead of guided reading.

LO: To develop vocabulary skills


SC1: I can read an unfamiliar text

SC2: I can skim and scan a text for information

SC3: I can find out the meanings of new words


Here is today’s guided reading tutorial.

The screenshots and words follow




Find out what the following words mean based on the text. Use each one in a full sentence and make sure that you have punctuated each sentence correctly:










Now pick out three examples of ‘technical’ vocabulary from the text, and explain their meaning



LO: To interpret and complete tables

SC1) I can discuss the information in a table

SC2) I can understand the information in a table

SC3) I can complete missing parts of a table


Today we are going to be learning to read and interpret tables. We have been using simple tables to create our bar charts and pictograms, however, today we are going to be filling out tables based on the information given. See the video below for information on today’s lesson.





Task 1 – answer questions on tables


Break/Snack Time



LO: To plan a speech on a given topic

SC1: I can think about what makes a good speech.

SC2: I can choose ideas and make justifications

SC3: I can plan my ideas carefully using bullet points


Firstly, watch this speech given by Greta Thunberg. You might not understand everything she says, but think about WHY it is an effective speech. Have a discussion with someone at home or in school about what makes this so effective- write your ideas down.I have attached some guides about what makes an effective speech.





Now watch my tutorial outlining how I made my choices from my mind map about what I am going to write about in my speech. I have attached my model written example for you to refer to as a good example- remember to use bullet points and punctuate them correctly.This is just the planning stage and choose only three things from your mind map.









LO: To investigate recycled materials

SC1: I can choose one concept from my mood board to investigate further

SC2: I can experiment with recycled materials

SC3: I can create an idea for what I am going to make


This afternoon I would like you to look at your concept board and choose one of the art ideas to develop further. You need to choose carefully as you will be making a piece of artwork on Thursday.

I’ve attached an example of a plan where I have taken one idea and researched it further. When you have done this, experiment with the material you have chosen- paper, buttons, bottle tops- and see what ideas you can come up with. Take some photos of your ideas but remember this is not the finished piece- just the experimenting stage.




Story Time – if you wish to read along to the story please open the attachment below.






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