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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Tuesday 19th January 2021

Morning everyone!

I hope you are all ready for a fun-filled day of home learning. 

Well done to Lawrence, Mia, Eloise, Adam and Aafia who took on my TT rockstars challenge and beat me. I have added an extra raffle ticket for you all :) Also thanks to Charlie and Mia for sending me challenges. I need to keep practising to become as fast as you!

Remember to send in your fantastic work so I can add this to the celebration page and I would LOVE to give you all more raffle tickets. 

Keep being the best that you can be!

Miss McCann 





L.O- To solve problems involving measurements

Success criteria

  1. I can decide to multiply or divide by 1000 to convert between metres and kilometres
  2. I can order and compare measurements
  3. I can use addition and subtraction strategies to solve problems

Watch the video tutorial and then tackle the challenges. Today we are using the same skills we used when converting between millilitres and litres. We are extending our learning by comparing measurements and solving word problems involving measurements.



Green- Convert between metres and kilometres and begin to solve problems with these.

Orange-Compare mixed measurements of metres and kilometres and then begin to solve word problems

Red- Find different ways to compare measurements and then begin to solve more complex word problems

Extension: Write your own word problem using the information in the table


Catch-up zoom

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on zoom. This is a chance for you to see all of your friends and ask any questions about today’s learning. The link for the zoom will have been sent to your parent’s email. Can you please make sure you log in with your name so I know who I am letting into the zoom.

10:15- 10:30


Please complete challenge 1 or challenge 2. Remember to use the efficient strategies you have been taught in class. Once completed check your answers on the answer sheet provided.



11:00- 12:30

English- Guided reading and writing

L.O: To understand the features of a newspaper article (know: understanding)

      Success criteria:

  1. I can understand how the orientation is formed
  2. I can understand how to form a quote
  3. I understand the correct level of formality to use


L.O: To show my understanding of the features of a newspaper article (show: applying)

      Success criteria:

  1. I can show how the orientation is formed
  2. I can demonstrate how to write a relevant quote
  3. I can use the correct level of formality


Guided reading questions based on the whole of The Giant’s Necklace by Michael Morpurgo

  1. Which character in The Giant’s Necklace interests you most? Give evidence from the text to support your arguments.
  2. Do you think Michael Morpurgo should have killed his main character? Explain and justify your answer.
  3. Why do you think Michael Morpurgo chose the name The Giant’s Necklace for the title of the book? What title would you have given this story instead?


Tasks: Today we are going to turn the newsworthy events in The Giant’s Necklace into a newspaper article.

  1. Watch the tutorial



  1. Read the checklist/writing frame
  2. Plan your newspaper article
  3. Write your newspaper article-remember to use the checklist/writing frame to help you
  4. Evaluate how you have done against the success criteria above




Well-being with Mrs Brocker  

Year 5

Last week I sent you a chart that encouraged you to balance your thoughts. This was done by challenging your negative thoughts by helping you consider what your best friend would say and what advice you would give to them.
This week you have another chart, however this time you have to balance the negative thoughts out for yourself. Please write out 3 examples. You need to think of the positives and negatives to each situation.
Have fun!
Mrs Brocker




Year 6

 Please read the rest of the top tips that help to build resilience. They are numbered 7 to 14.
Once you have completed your reading I would like you to write sub headings for the seven tips. Please write down one example for each tip, show evidence when you experienced that specific tip.
For example, number 8 talks about the need to avoid catastrophising. A great response would be; In year 5 I learned about Thinking Errors, I believe that it is not helpful to allow my mind to exaggerate negative worries. Taking time to logically think about my problem and trying to work towards balancing my thoughts would be very helpful.
Have fun and remember you don't need to make your sentences too long.
Thank you.
Mrs Brocker





2:30- 3:00




You don’t need any specific equipment for this session.

Alternatively you can do an exercise of your choice for example a Joe Wicks workout


Story time

If you usually do Lexia or IDL during this time do so first and then listen to the next part of the story.

We are now on chapters 9 and 10!




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