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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Tuesday 19th January 2021




TT Rockstars – 2 studio sessions and 2 sound checks before you go onto garage. Don’t forget you can challenge me and I will be challenging you too!

If you are a Lexia pupil, please use this time to complete your Lexia for the day. I will be checking and sending out certificates as you achieve them.

9:30 – 10.30


LO: to know if an angle is acute or obtuse

SC1: I can identify a right angle (90)

SC2: I can define and identify an acute angle

SC2: I can define and identify an obtuse angle

Watch the tutorial for today’s lesson.



ACTIVITY 1: complete the acute or obtuse angle sheet – choose your challenge.

EXTENSION (optional) - cut out 2 circles of coloured card, each a different colour.  Cut a line from the edge to the middle of each, and then fit the 2 circles together by interlinking the two cuts. Turn one circle to make an angle in one colour (this will make sense when you do it!).

Show me an acute angle.

Now show me an angle that is obtuse. Show me an angle that is approximately 90°. Show me an angle that is approximately 45°. How did you work this out?

Show me an acute angle, just a bit less than a right angle. Take photos of your angles and send them to me.

Resources – Acute and obtuse activity sheet

Acute and obtuse answer sheet

Acute and obtuse PowerPoint


Break time/snack time

Exercise – e.g. mindfulness yoga, fresh air in the garden, run up and down the stairs seeing if you can get faster every time!

Yu need to keep your body active so that your brain can keep active too.

11:00 – 12.00


LO: to understand how the profile of a character is created

SC1: I can find clues about a character from the text

SC2: I know that we learn about characters through description, dialogue and action

SC3: I can make notes about characters from the clues in a text

Watch the tutorial for today’s lesson.



ACTIVITY: read part of chapter 1 (pages 12-20) looking for clues about the two main characters.

Use a highlighter pen (or coloured pens/pencils) to highlight character clues on the text. Make notes by the text on what the clue tells us about the character.

Green Chilli – Focus on either Chloe or Mr Stink.

Orange chilli – Only choose 2 main characters to complete the information about.

Red Chilli – Can you challenge yourself to think about a third character too. Then provide a key to show how the characteristic was portrayed (speech, description or action – this could be more than one).


Chapter 1 Mr Stink

12:00- 1:00


1.00 – 1.15

Wellbeing with Mrs Brocker

Dear Year 3,
Take a look at this worksheet and answer the 5 questions. All I want you to do is write your answers into a notebook. You do not have to write the full statements out.
Have fun!
Mrs Brocker




Dear Year 4,
Please take a look at the statements attached.
Please read through each statement and answer either yes or no. You don't have to write your answers down in your note book.
Discuss your answers with your parents or cares and consider if you are an active listener or not.
I hope you enjoy the exercise.
Warm Regards
Mrs Brocker




1:15- 2.15

Art Project

LO: to know that geometry can be found in a wide variety of places in everyday life

SC1: I can research effectively to find example of art and design that use shape

SC2: I can list specific artists who use shape in their designs

SC3: I can find useful facts and pictures to support my research


Re-watch the tutorial from yesterday which explains your research task.



Introduction to this new learning. This will be spread over two afternoons to give you plenty of time to research, collect facts and pictures and decide how you would like to display your work.

Research about shape in art:

Investigate and collect information about where shape has been used in the following areas:








Collect pictures, names and any relevant facts that you think could be useful.

You could present this as a mind map, PowerPoint, table, list etc. You can present however works best for you.

2.15 – 2.30





2:30 – 3.00

Comprehension – Mr Stink

Read chapter 2 and answer these questions:

1. What was Chloe trying to hide from her mother at the meal table?

2. What excuse did she give when she got caught?

3. Why was she really hiding it in her napkin?

4. Why does Chloe’s dad only want her to give the dog food once?

5. What does Chloe’s father tell her mother they are talking about whilst doing the washing up?

3.00 – 3.15

Story Time – Mr Stink Chapter 6





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