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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Tuesday 21st April

Good morning Class 4,

Firstly, I have to apologise. I made a mistake on your maths sheet from yesterday. 1/8 as a decimal is wayyyyyyy too hard to work out. As you can see on the answer sheet today, I was meant to change it to 3/4. So if you managed to do it, a huge congratulations. 

We have very short English and Maths lessons today in-between break and lunch. This is so we can continue our new 2020 (what can you see out of your window) challenge as well as our comic book front covers. If you find that you cannot fit it all in- don't worry- I will give you some choosing time later in the week. 

Well done to Mia who came first in our SPAG game yesterday, Ellis came second and Seb came third. I will add your raffle tickets to the class chart. 

As always any questions, please feel free to email me on

Time Lesson
9-9.30 PE
9.30-10.30 Comprehension
10.30-11 Break
11- 11.30 English (2020 challenge)
11.30- 12.15 Maths
12.15-1.15 Lunch
1.15- 1.45 Art 
1.45- 2 Break
2-3  Art (2020 challenge)
3- 3.15 Story time 


Did anyone try the 100 lap challenge? I did 1 lap of my local field lol. I might make my target a bit lower than Captain Toms. 

Please keep up your daily PE sessions with whatever you like doing. 


Please find attached a short segment from our book and some comprehension questions. It is important that we are challenging ourselves in our comprehension, with texts we are not familiar with. For this reason the comprehension this week is not from our current short story. Answers will be attached tomorrow.


L.O. To plan our 2020 challenge poems

SC. I can make a word bank of rhyming words

Very quick lesson to plan our poems today, please watch the video below and then give it a go yourself. Afterwards, please can you self reflect on how well you have achieved the success criteria. Just as we do in school can you write a positive comment about your work and then a comment on what you want to or need to do next time in order to reach the success criteria or learning objective. 




L.O. To confidently convert between fractions and decimals. 

SC. I can use a pictorial representation of tenths to convert between fractions and decimals. 

Again, another quick lesson. But I know how clever you all are and how quickly you will probably be able to work these questions out. Anyone wanting a challenge after, have a look at the photo below. Once you are finished please mark your work and self reflect on how you did. 

Answers from yesterday and today are also below. 




Please use this time to finish your front covers. Remember:


-Black outlines


-Shading detail

-3D titles

Art (2020 challenge)




Story time




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