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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Tuesday 2nd February 2021




Guided reading – Murkaster by Frank Cottrell-Boyce

Tutorial time!!



If you would rather read the text and then answer the questions rather than following the tutorial with me, you can find it here: it is on page 12.

1. What does ‘as if she was a flower’ tell you about the way that Sunny was picked up?

2. Think of three words that can be used to describe the elephant.

3. How do you think Sunny is feeling at the end of this section? What makes you think that?

4. How did Sunny guide the elephants to each other?

5. How do you think that Sunny’s mum will react when she sees what Sunny has done?

9:30 – 10.30


LO: to know what symmetry means and how this applies to shapes

SC1: I can define the meaning of symmetry

SC2: I can identify lines of symmetry in shapes

SC3: I can complete patterns with one or two lines of symmetry

Watch the tutorial to find out what we are learning about today and what your task is.




ACTIVITY: choose your challenge. There are several activities about symmetry attached to the webpage. Choose 2 of the activities to complete. You can do more if you want to but you must do at least 2. Remember to change the challenge if it is too tricky or too easy.

The answers are at the bottom of the activity sheets.

Resources: symmetry activity sheet with answers


Break time/snack time

Exercise – e.g. mindfulness yoga, fresh air in the garden, run up and down the stairs seeing if you can get faster every time!

Yu need to keep your body active so that your brain can keep active too.


11:00 – 12.00


LO: to continue writing a story ensuring the quality is maintained 

SC1: I can use a range of sentence openers to create interest

SC2: I can help the reader to visualise the situation by providing a description 

SC3: I can an appropriate amount of dialogue and punctuate it correctly 

Watch my tutorial to help you understand how to write the build-up of your story.




ACTIVITY: Continue writing your story. Use the word banks and dialogue resource to help you if you are struggling.

Extension: Read it to someone at home and see if they can give you feedback about how effective it is. Can you edit and improve your writing to make it even better.


Punctuating speech

Synonyms for said

Words to improve your description

Variety of sentence openers

My story example

12:00- 1:00


1.00 – 1.15

Readiwriter - log on and have a go at one of the spelling patters. In the test section complete a pre-test. Then using the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check, practise the spellings to see if you can improve. Then you can complete a post test and I will have a look at how you get on. Don't forget I will be checking regularly to see if anyone needs a certificate.

1:15- 2.15

Art Project

LO: to apply my knowledge about geometric shapes in art

SC1: I can decide on an art form for my final project

SC2: I can follow my plan to start to create my final outcome

SC3: I can make sure that I have everything I need to be successful and I know who to ask if I need help

Watch my video to know what you need to do today.




ACTIVITY: follow your plan and start doing your identified tasks to work towards your outcome. This will be led by you as you are all doing something different.

2.15 – 2.30





For this second activity you will need a square piece of paper and pens.




2:30 – 3.00

TT Rockstars – 2 studio sessions and 2 sound checks before you go onto garage. Don’t forget you can challenge me and I will be challenging you too!

If you are a Lexia pupil, please use this time to complete your Lexia for the day. I will be checking and sending out certificates as you achieve them.

3.00 – 3.15

Story Time  - The Silver Arrow by Lev Grossman




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