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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Tuesday 2nd February 2021

 Good morning everyone,

Please find the learning for the day below. 

Thank you so much for sending me your fantastic stories so far! I know once you have edited and up levelled them today they will be even better! If you didn't finish your story yesterday, please make sure you do today and take time to edit this so it is your best work.

For the maths today I would suggest if you were confident with the learning yesterday then try the red challenge. Remember to watch the video tutorial first to help your understanding of the task. 

Have a fantastic day!

Miss McCann

Please email me on 





L.O- To understand how to convert between units of time (weeks and days)

Success Criteria:

1. I can convert between weeks and days

2. I can convert days to weeks

3. I can compare and order times where I need to convert between days and weeks


Today you will need to watch the whole video tutorial as I will be explaining how to convert between days and weeks and vice versa. You then need to choose your challenge below. The challenges become progressively harder through the months and years given.

Green- Convert between weeks and days and begin to compare the two

Orange- Convert between weeks and days and begin to order these measurements

Red- Convert between weeks and days and then begin to calculate the difference between these through converting.




Additional support- If you need to refresh your memory for dividing using remainders watch this video tutorial to help



Extension:  Mr Smith’s allotment. Using a calendar to calculate a period of time in weeks and then convert to days


Catch-up zoom

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on zoom. This is a chance for you to see all of your friends and ask any questions about today’s learning. The link for the zoom will have been sent to your parent’s email. Can you please make sure you log in with your name so I know who I am letting into the zoom.

10:15- 10:30


Please complete challenge 1 or challenge 2. Remember to use the efficient strategies you have been taught in class. Once completed check your answers on the answer sheet provided.



11:00- 12:30

English- Writing

 L.O: To show my understanding of ARMS in my writing  (show: applying)

Success criteria:

1. I can identify which parts of my story I want to change

2. I can use a variety of techniques to improve my writing

3. I can explain and justify the changes I have made

Today you are going to use ARMS (add, remove, move and substitute) to improve and edit your fantastic original Just So stories.

If you didn’t get to finish your story yesterday, make sure you spend the first part of the lesson writing your story.


· Watch the tutorial on using ARMS to improve writing.



· Read the checklist to support you

· Use ARMS in your writing-decide which part/s of your story you want to change

· Publish/type your complete story-so that we can use in our Federation E-Book

· Write an evaluative comment linked to the success criteria




Well-being with Mrs Brocker  

Year 5 and Year 6- You will be doing the same work this week as it’s a special celebration for Children’s Mental Health Week.

Please watch the following 2 videos and then watch Mrs Brocker’s video which shares the task.









Main task: write down 5 different ways you like to personally express yourself in a creative way.
Your challenge is to be a creative as you want!



2:30- 3:00


 To understand Charles Darwin’s findings on evolution (know: understanding)

Success criteria:

1. I can use a range of sources on Charles Darwin’s findings

2. I can select relevant information on Charles Darwin’s findings

3. I can explain Charles Darwin’s findings to others


Today you are going to learn more about Charles Darwin and his work on evolution.

Watch the video clips including the Horrible History video clip which is available on the link below and then make notes in your own words. Remember to keep these, you will need them for your booklet next week.









Story time

If you usually do Lexia or IDL during this time do so first and then listen to the next part of the story.

We are now on chapters 23 and 24




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