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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Tuesday 5th May

Good morning!

Remember to read our page carefully before starting your day as it is little bit different again. 

1st place yesterday was Mia, well done. Hollie came 2nd and Liam 3rd! Good job guys, I will add the raffle tickets to the chart for you. 

Thank you for being patient regarding emails, I am still in school for the whole week, but will be looking at my laptop as frequently as possible.


Time Lesson
9-9.30 PE (Dance lesson)
9.30-10 PE 
10-10.15 IDL
10.15-10.30 TTrockstars
10.30-11 Break
11-12.15 Science
12.15-1.15 Lunch
1.15-1.45 Maths
1.45-2 Break
2-3 Comprehension
3-3.15 Story Time 


I would like you to do a different type of exercise video today, below I have listed a few different dance videos. Don't forget to record your pulse and fill in your evaluation.

Ballet class

KIDZ Bop dance along

Oti Mabuse dance class


L.O. To know the importance of warming up.

SC1. I can state why warming up is important.

SC2. I can plan effective warm up activities.






L.O. To know what nutrients are and how the effect the human body.

SC1. I can recall the main nutrient groups

SC2. I can state what effects the key nutrients have on the human body.



The main groups are:










L.O. To multiply decimals by an integer.

SC1. I can multiply a decimal by an integer using short multiplication

SC2. I can multiply a decimal by an integer using long multiplication.


Please read the extract attached and then answer the questions. This week the extract is from our story time book. You can then finish the chapter with me in story time :)

Story Time




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