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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Tuesday 9th February 2021

 Morning everyone!

Please find today's learning below. If you have any questions please come to the zoom with them.

Have a great day!

Miss McCann

Please email your fantastic work to me on 





L.O- To understand how to calculate the unknown length of a side in a shape

Success Criteria:

1.  I can calculate the unknown length by adding

2. I can calculate the unknown length by subtracting

3. I can calculate the unknown length by both adding and subtracting

4. I can calculate the perimeter of a shape once I know all the sides


You will need your learning book for the first part of the tutorial as I recap how to calculate perimeters using unknown lengths of a rectangle. I will make it clear when to pause the video and have a go at the questions.

You can watch the video the whole way through and then decide which challenge to complete or you can pause the video at each point and then tackle the challenges one by one.



Green-  Calculate unknown lengths using addition or subtraction

Orange- Calculation unknown lengths using addition or subtraction or both

Red- Calculation unknown lengths using addition or subtraction or both with decimals. There is also more than 1 unknown side.


Extension:  There are 2 extensions for you to download. You can choose one or do both if you have time!


Catch-up zoom

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on zoom. This is a chance for you to see all of your friends and ask any questions about today’s learning. The link for the zoom will have been sent to your parent’s email. Can you please make sure you log in with your name so I know who I am letting into the zoom.

10:15- 10:30


Please complete challenge 1 or challenge 2. Remember to use the efficient strategies you have been taught in class. Once completed check your answers on the answer sheet provided.



11:00- 12:30

English- Guided reading and writing linked to Geography

L.O: I can show my understanding of Captain Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition

(show: applying)

Success criteria:

1. I can describe the conditions Captain Scott and his team faced

2. I can explain what happened

3. I can include facts and opinions about the expedition

4. I can include emotive language


Read/listen to the text Captain Scott’s diary and the end of his expedition



Reading focus: summarising



Answer the following questions:

1) Summarise in your own words what happened to Captain Oates and why

2) Do you think that if captain Scott had known he was only eleven miles from the next supply depot he would have continued? Why? Explain and justify your argument.

3) Summarise Captain Scott's final diary entry in your own words

4) Why is the word 'presumed' used for when Scott died.   

Watch the video clip to find out more about his expedition




Main task: To write a final letter home to your family, explaining what has happened to you, your experiences on your expedition and your perilous situation now



Remember to:

· Aim for a page of quality writing-it can be typed if you prefer

· Use the checklist to help you

· Consider the language Captain Scott would use and what he would actually say

· Write an evaluative comment at the end linked to the success criteria


Extension: If you would like to learn more about Captain Scott's diary-please click the link for his diary extracts (Source: The British Library.)




Well-being with Mrs Brocker  

Year 5
Please read from page 104 and write the sub headings in your note pads.
Try practising the recommendations listed to help control overwhelming thoughts.
Good luck!
Mrs Brocker



Year 6

Please read the literature on positive psychology and write a sentence to describe the meaning of hope and optimism, the concept of flow and happy memories.
Thank you.
Mrs Brocker





2:30- 3:00




For this session you will need some socks or you can do an exercise of your choice for example a Joe Wicks workout


Story time

If you usually do Lexia or IDL during this time do so first and then listen to the next part of the story.

We are now on chapters 31 and 32




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