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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Tuesday 9th June




Exercise-Please do the live online Joe Wicks workout (on you-tube) or an exercise of your choice.



Measurement – Perimeter - Lesson 2

LO: To be able to calculate an unknown length of a rectilinear shape.

SC1. I can consider how to measure the perimeter of a shape.

SC2. I can identify a missing measurement.

SC3. I can calculate the length of a missing measurement.

SC4. I can calculate the perimeter of a rectilinear shape.

Today, we are going to look at rectilinear shapes which have one or more measurement missing. You will need to use simple addition and subtraction skills to find the missing measurements and then solve the perimeter problem.

To help you with your learning I have put together a PowerPoint and two videos.



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Challenge Question

There is a challenge question and its answer at the end of the PowerPoint.


See the source image
Mental Maths Challenge

Each day this week I would like you to challenge yourself to a mental maths test.   If you login to the Topmarks website you will find the Daily 10. You can choose the mental maths task of your choice but you must try the same tasks each day. Your aim is get quicker and get as many questions right as possible. You will find instructions on the website:

Daily 10

Please note that you won't need Flash Player for this game.


Break time/snack time

10:40- 12:00

English – ‘The House with the Chicken Legs’ 

L.O: I can draw inferences from what I have read. 

Success Criteria: 

  1. I can explain how characters feel 

  1. I can use evidence from the text 

  1. I can summarise key ideas from the text 


Read the prologue (pg1-10) of ‘The House with chicken legs’ attached below. 

Key Questions to answer: 


  • What words or sentences give you an idea of how Marinka feels about living in a house with chicken legs? 

  • What is missing from Marinka’s life, and how is the house preventing her from getting this? 

(Please answer the above questions in full sentences, using words and quotes from the text) 


Challenge Task: In the House with Chicken Legs, death is portrayed as a journey. Marinka’s grandmother, Baba Yaga, acts as a guide on this journey- helping souls move from this world to the next through ‘The Gate’. 


  • A soul can be thought of as part of someone that is separate from their body. Try drawing and labelling a picture to represent your soul. Think about what makes you, you to help you... 


-What kind of character do you have?- e.g. Happy, thoughtful, funny, intelligent... 

-What is important to you? E.g. Being kind, your family... 

-What would your friends and family say about you? 

-What are your favourite memories? 

-What are your interests and beliefs?  


(Keep this safe and ready for tomorrow’s English lesson) 

12:00- 1:00



Well-being Mrs Brocker’s lesson

Please complete the sheet provided by Mrs Brocker.


Challenge 9

LO: To research games from a period of history.

SC1. I can use websites to help research a chosen era of history.

SC2. I can make notes about my chosen game.

SC3. I can consider arguments for why I like my game and add them to my mind map

Yesterday, you began to think about the task and which era of history you would like to learn about/research. Today, I would like you to choose the era of history that interested you the most and begin to research the all the games from that era e.g. Egyptians. You can use books or with adult supervision you can use online websites to help you research.

If you want more ideas the please look at my reflective journal (attached at the bottom of the class page) and the notes I have begun to make about the era which excites me.

When adding to your existing mind map remember to include:

  1. The era of history you are researching
  2. What have you discovered about the different games?
  3. Begin to consider which game interests you the most?

Tomorrow, you will be using this research to help you begin to think about how to make your own version of your chosen game.




Story time

Listen to and enjoy the story.


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