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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

WB 1/3/2021


Maths: This week we will be continuing our learning on angles. We will be understanding more about angles in different shapes such as quadrilaterals and triangles and using this knowledge to calculate missing angles.  


English and Geography: This week we are finishing our learning of Artic and Antarctica and you will be planning and creating your own guide. We will consider our audience and the purpose of our writing.

All our guided reading texts through the week will focus on the Arctic and Antarctica and our reading skill is summarising.

On Friday you will have a guided reading session and then a computing lesson.

Well-being: There will be well-being videos to watch throughout the week by Mrs Smith and a well-being lesson from Mrs Brocker.

Afternoon activities: As per Mrs Mitchell's email before half term, all afternoon work will be practical and family based. There will be a selection of activities/projects set that will be accessed by all children across the federation. This means siblings can do this together. These will be shared on a Sunday evening so you can share these with your children in advance and they can decide what they would like to do. You can either choose one idea and turn it into a big project, or choose a different activity for every afternoon.

Support resources:

For those of you who might light a little additional support/resources for your learning, there are extra supports in the tab on the left named 'Resources to support home learning'. We will be adding resources to the English and Maths tabs which will support the tasks we are doing this week. I will also attach resources to the daily webpage.

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