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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

WB 13/4/2020

Please find the work for each day on the tabs to the left and a celebration of all your hard work below.

Look at Heidi's fantastic creation, it look delicious. 
Eloise made this cake all by herself and it looks fantastic!
Liam worked really hard creating this fantastic Easter cake.
As well as baking, you have been doing some great art work as well, look at Mia's comic book writing.
Lucy has been doing lots of baking, and even attempted brioche! Good job Lucicles!
Oscar was clearly paying attention during our complimentary colours art lesson- these look yummy!
Hollie made some fantastic looking cakes.
And apparently they tasted good too!
Sienna created this incredible cake all by herself- it looks too good to eat!
Jake has been busy making an Easter cake that the whole family loved.
Look at that cute little bunny on Seb's cake!
Mia's family rated her cake 5/5- save me a piece please!
Maia's cake looks very professional, good job.
Isla made some adorable farm yard cakes for her Easter project- so cute!
Evie made this cake completely by herself and it is mouth-watering! 
Adam has been busy baking some very cute bunny cakes. 
Look at the amazing decorations on Emily's cake!
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