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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Wash your Hands ,Stop those Germs!


Article 24 : The right to have a clean and healthy environment.

We have been discussing how germs can spread  through the touch of our hands. We pretended that the glitter was germs and we saw how easy it was for germs to spread. This led us to learn about why we need to wash our hands and how to wash them properly.

Here are 7 Steps to ensure that we wash our hands properly and stop germs from spreading.

Step 1:                                                                          Step 2:

Two squirts of soap on one hand.                             Rub your palms together.

Step 3:                                                                               Step 4:

Rub the  soap in between your fingers.                     Rub soap on your knuckles.

Step 5:                                                                             Step 6:

Rub soap on your thumbs.                                            Rinse the soap off with water.

Step 7:

Dry Your hands.

Now we have clean hands. Not today Germs!

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