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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Wednesday 15th July 2020




Joe Wicks virtual PE – bodycoachtv on (Joe Wicks will now only be only be on a Monday and Wednesday) 

9:30 – 9:50 


At the bottom of the page is the year 3 and 4 statutory words spelling activity book. Do not complete the whole thing today. You will do a little bit each day. Only complete 20 mins of practise. These are the words set by the government so you are assessed on these. Take your time and make sure you know them.


This week we will be using Oak Academy to help our learning.

Click on the link below to complete the lesson. You will do a quiz to see what you already know, watch a tutorial and complete activities. There will be far less printing and at the beginning of each session they will tell you what resources you need. Let me know if you need anything.

LO: to identify and complete number sequences 

If you are having any trouble with the work on Oak National Academy, I have set some activities on MyMaths and you can also continue with IDL assessments/activities.


Break time/snack time 

11:00 – 11:45 


Now that you have looked at what needs to be changed and improved, it is time to do it!! 

Use today, all day Thursday and Friday morning to complete your project. Remember you should have an English outcome and a foundation subject outcome.  

If you need any help at all please do email and let me know. My email address is

11:45- 12:15 

TTRockstars or Hit the button

Practise your times tables or number facts to keep your recall as fast as possible.

12:15- 1:15 


1:15- 2:00 

Keep going…… 

Crack on with your project. Let me know if there is anything at all that you need. 

2:00- 2:30 

Exercise – e.g. mindfulness yoga, fresh air in the garden, run up and down the stairs seeing if you can get faster every time! 


Keep going…… 

Crack on with your project. Let me know if there is anything at all that you need. 

3:00 – 3:15 

Federation Story Time!! 

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