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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Wednesday 6th January

Good morning,

I cannot believe Wednesday has come around so quickly, and that means its officially my last day! You will see me crop up on videos for the rest of the week but sadly I must now pass you over to Miss McCann’s very capable hands.

I have absolutely loved being your teacher and count myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to have you all in my class. Now I am not saying this in a video for fear of crying but…

For Year 6- I am so proud of you! Seeing how you have coped through everything the last year has thrown at you shows just how mature you are and what independent learners you have all become. I know I was the teacher who stuck around you for the longest and trust me when I say their loss is my gain. You are all fantastic individuals who I know will go on to achieve great things.  

For Year 5- I didn’t get to be your teacher for that long, but I am so excited that this time next year we will be back together again. You are all one of a kind year 5- hilarious, confident and the perfect amount of cheeky! I can’t wait to see how you all grow in a year.

Keep being yourselves guys because you are all fantastic just the way you are!

Please email me pictures of your work once you have finished and any questions to I really look forward to hearing from you, it brightens my day :)

See you soon hopefully,

Mrs Woolliscroft


(Btw well done to Mia who came first in our spelling bee, I have added 5 raffle tickets on for you. 3 for Adam who came 2nd and 1 for Isla who came 3rd)



Extra Information


Guided Reading

Poem and questions attached below.

9.30- 10.30


Before you start please have a go at the quiz linked below all about our key vocabulary from yesterday. And to whoever was silly on the quiz yesterday- please do not continue as it is very rude when I am taking my time to make your online learning as fun and as interactive as possible.

L.O. To understand what personification is and how to use it.

SC1. To be able to recall what personification is.

SC2. To be able to personify everyday household objects.

SC3. To write a poem that includes personification


Please watch my video and then have a go at the tasks. The sheet to help write your poem is attached below.











Before you start todays lesson I have set you all some work on fractions of amounts on MyMaths. Please do this first.


L.O. To know how to convert fractions to decimals

SC1. I can recall the place value for up to 3 decimal places

SC2. I can convert decimals to fractions where the denominator is a power of 10.

SC3. I can covert fractions to decimals using short division.  

SC1. To start please complete the mental arithmetic video on recapping everything you need to know about decimal places. You will need your book or a piece of paper ready to write your answers.



SC2&3. Watch my video and pause as you go along to answer the questions attached. Answers are there for you too.








Project- The World!

Today we are going to be learning all about longitude and latitude and what these are used for. But first I couldn’t help but show you this video- sorry if it gets stuck in your head.



Then watch my video for an explanation of today’s tasks.



Task 1: Find the longitude and latitude coordinates from Google maps for the following:

The Royal Greenwich Observatory

1 further landmark in each of the 7 continents.


Task 2: Using the time zone sheet attached fill in the time zone calculation for each of your 7 landmarks.




Your going to need a snack for the assembly so maybe save your snack for then. 









Please spend 15 minutes on each platform.


Lexia/IDL or Story Time

If you usually do Lexia or IDL please use this time to do those first. Please email me if you need you log ins. Then enjoy chapter 13 and 14 of The Boy at the Back of the Class.




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