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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Where Am I? (2019-2020)

In this day and age of multinational conglomerates and internet shopping, how well do we know our local area? For this experience class 3 will be exploring their local area. The children will be learning map skills, which they use to create a map of their own community. They will also be looking at measure to make sure that when scaling the map they are certain that the map is correct and they can create routes for people to follow. During the experience they will also study the role of the compass and symbols used to make sure that their map is professional.


The children looked carefully at lots of different types of maps to see fi they could spot similarities, differences but most importantly features of a map that we could use in our own work.

The children had to use their knowledge of mm and cm to estimate how long a meter is. They were surprised that although it is a larger unit of measure, it wasn't as big as they initially thought. They then went on to problem solve how to measure in mixed units.

This week the children have been looking at many features that are specific to maps in order to develop our map reading skills including reading and identifying symbols and their associated meanings and using maps to find out about locally available amenities. Then we had our first attempt at reproducing a map of Four Elms. We had to pay very close attention to detail and make sure that our scale was accurate.

We then held a silent gallery where the children looked at each others work. We gave each other feedback thinking about which images were the most effective and why. The children created some fantastic first attempts.


ToTTo celebrate the children's fantastic work, the parents were invited in and the children explained their learning journey within this experience. They explained the process of improvement and accuracy with the maps and how our maths supported our ability to give some one accurate measurements within a route plan. Everyone agreed what an amazing job they did!




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