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Four Elms Primary School

Four Elms Primary School

Your Projects!

Wow!! You have been so busy being amazing global citizens. Look at the wonderful ocean projects below: 


Maisie's super poster was shared on Instagram to inspire others to save the oceans!




Watch Rosie's wonderful video! It tells the story of a little girl and her mum trying to enjoy their day at the beach but they find it tricky to enjoy the day because of the plastic pollution! 


Oscar shared his learning with his little sister.  They made a 3d collage of the Ocean and beach to show the importance of protecting the sea animals by putting the litter in the bin.

Tommy created a poster to be displayed , Tommy now plans to go to the beach to pick up litter to protect the sea creatures.




Check out Zoe's fantastic and inspiring speech!!


Check out Katie's poster showing the difference between a healthy ocean and a polluted ocean. Super facts too!
Esme has inspired us to reuse our plastic bottles. Can you try a make a green feeder?
Esme also made an awesome poster with a very powerful message. 
Josh's creative poster looks awesome. A very clear message here!!
Not only did Isabelle create an awesome poster, she took action too by doing some litter picking! Thank you for respecting our right to a clean and healthy environment Isabelle:) 




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